Design apartment 110m2, in Kiev, on Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, from FoxLab interior studio
Complex and perfect interior of an apartment of 110m2, in Kiev, on Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, from the studio FoxLab interior.
Looking at this interior, no one will remain indifferent — for true connoisseurs, the heart begins to beat faster, and in the eyes there is a sparkle!)
The philosophy of the project is to compromise the use of high-quality and effective materials without exorbitant cost.
Comfortable furniture plays a decisive role in the choice of finishing materials and decors — sets the tone ...
A fine line of luxury is observed in every detail. Impressions are waiting for you in all rooms. Despite its small area, the studio is impressive with its spaciousness and exquisite surfaces playing in the light.
The kitchen harmoniously fit into the volume of the studio, actually disguised as beautiful panels of the facades that look like beautiful wall decorations.